Log Camp: Bridging Oregon's #teched divide

Using technology education to close academic, knowledge, income, and opportunity gaps for Oregon youth

Log Camp is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We work with a network of community partners to provide free on-site career and technical training education programs for low income youth, and youth of color. 

Long term investments to youth in high-needs communities using a four part approach

Log Camp makes a long-term investment for youth in need. Log Camp works with regional education, business, religious, and philanthropic partners. Our approach combines technology education, technology resources, community mobilization, and community advocacy.

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What We Do

After school programs, technology resource assistance, and advocacy for Oregon youth

Our comprehensive after-school program offerings provide youth (5th - 12th grade) with essential technology career skills development. We support the development of a youth #techpipeline, leading youth to jobs in Oregon's growing software and IT industries.

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Who We Serve

Log Camp has served 73 low-income youth and youth of color since May 2013

Log Camp provided more than 112 hours of free in-class career and technical education to 73 youth in 2013. 85% of Log Camp youth qualify for free or reduced-cost meals. 56% of Log Camp students are female. 59% of Log Camp students are minorities.


Why It Matters

143,644 impoverished youth and youth of color live in Multnomah and Washington Counties

These youth face significant achievement, knowledge, opportunity, and income gaps. Persistent obstacles impede these youth as they prepare for post-secondary education, and adult employment. Equalizing access for all youth to technology education and resources is an effective way to address these societal imbalances.

  • Over 19,000 Oregon workers employed in the software and IT industries
  • Software and IT-related employment in Oregon is projected to grow 38% over the next ten years
  • In Oregon the average wage of software and IT-related employees is now $78,600 
  • The average median wage earnings in Oregon across all other industries is now is $45,907

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Community Partners

Log Camp has established a collaborative network of educational, industry, government, social service, religious, and philanthropic community partners across Oregon.


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